About Us

We are a busy homeschooling family of 7. We believe in learning through play, collaborative problem-solving , lots of snuggles, connecting with nature, and cultivating compassion for each other and the world around us. We are here to offer you inspiration, tools, guidance, and resources on your homeschooling journey! We recognize the unique challenges and joys homeschooling a large family can bring, and are here to share what works for us (and doesn’t!) with the hope that it will enrich your lives and home-learning experience!

Why we Home-School

We home-school so that our kids can benefit from deep connections with one another and with us. With such a large age spread (11 years between the oldest and the youngest), we realized that if everyone was off to their separate schools and extracurricular activities they would spend very little time together. We want to slow down their childhood and offer them an environment where they can develop a love of learning without the pressures that come along with a traditional educational model. We love watching them dive deep into their passions and to make lasting connections- not only with the material they are learning but with each other and the world around them. We also LOVE being to be able to hitch up the family camper and hit the road anytime we want!

How we Home-School

We are secular homeschoolers, which means we don’t use any curriculum that teaches from a religious worldview. We are interest-led learners with some structure thrown in. We love unit studies that can be done all together as a family (stay tuned for some of our own units written for family-style learning in the coming months!) Our days follow a gentle rhythm inspired by the Bravewriter Lifestyle. We believe that play is the work of childhood and are heavily influenced by Teacher Tom’s amazing blog. Mom is a bit of a curriculum junkie and we use and are inspired by lots of different things (from Charlotte mason to classical education to unschooling) We are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring enchantment to our homeschool!