Batik Painting

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This project was inspired by one from Glitterbombers. We use their art membership and its chock full of great project ideas! I highly recommend it!

Supplies: Blue gel glue, white t-shirts/ canvas bags (we got ours at Michael’s), and Dye-Na-Flow.


Step 1:

Draw your design with glue on your shirt. We first drew it on paper and traced with sharpie and placed this between the shirt layers and used it as a template to trace. We placed flexible plastic cutting boards with wax paper between the shirt layers so the glue didn’t bleed through. Cardboard would also work well, I believe. Let the glue dry overnight.

Step 2:

We then painted our shirts with the dye-na-flow.
I used a pipette to withdraw the dye from the bottles to prevent spilling. I diluted it about 50/50 with water and used a paint palette. We painted it on with paintbrushes. It behaved much like watercolor which was delightful! We then let this dry overnight again.

Step 3:

Soak the shirts in a tub of water for about an hour then rub off the glue. Dry in the sun or clothes dryer.

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