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While Ellie slept in my arms and Izzy watched  (too many episodes of) Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood this afternoon I dozed a bit and surfed around on facebook. I came across a link to an article about what parents with grown children want those of us in the trenches to do to keep these memories close and create bonds with our babies that will keep THEM close as they grow.

I was proud of the fact that most of these are things that I do or at least try to. But the reminder was surely welcome. Then sweet 7 year old Grayson comes in. He first grabs his baby sister and holds her close, she rests her head on his shoulder, displaying a trust and comfort that is truly remarkable. She’d rather be in his arms than anyone else’s but mine. Then Izzy, climbs right out of my lap into his and begins stroking his finger with hers (that’s her thing). He helps her go potty and puts her pants on her. Then we are off to gymnastics.

As we drive we chat about his day. He asks me for a notebook for the spy game he plays at lunch. He plays this with Lyric, Layla, Kesh, John, and Zak. They spy on the “Frozen Girls” aka every other girl in his class. Then he asks that I play his songs- Gangham Style and Uptown Funk. I drop him off and he quickly kisses his sisters and makes silly faces at them. Ellie waves bye to “brah” and puckers her lips. As he waves to me from the sidewalk he blows me a kiss.

He’s not yet embarrassed or secretive. Gosh I’m dreading those days! He let’s me see his whole self. He’s goofy and kind. He’s generous and patient. He’s my friend, and for now he considers me one of his. He confides in me and he helps me. He wants his back rubbed at night.

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of day to day life. Today alone I spent 2 hours carting him back and forth from school and the gym. But this is precious time. Time  that I choose to use to connect with him, and listen, even if I’ve heard Uptown Funk a thousand times and the spy game sounds a bit confusing, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be the one that hears about it. Thanks, Brah, for being my buddy, and for blowing me that sweet kiss. I’m blowing one back.

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