“The Breadwinner” – a Novel Study

A Novel Study for upper elementary through middle school from Sarah Seyfred’s Village Homeschool

“The Breadwinner” – A Novel Study is an expansion of Fishtank Learning’s 5th grade ELA unit: Exploring Human Rights and is inspired by the Bravewriter approach to language arts.

This unit study is suitable for a wide range of ages from upper elementary through middle school and includes additional assignments, copywork, supportive information (deep dives), instructor feedback, and opportunities for peer interactions through discussion boards.

The novel study consists of 12 lessons and can be used at the student’s own pace. It should take about 2-4 weeks to complete.

About “The Breadwinner”

Book Cover of The Breadwinner

Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, 11-year-old Parvana has rarely been outdoors. Barred from attending school, shopping at the market, or even playing in the streets of Kabul, the heroine of Deborah Ellis’s engrossing children’s novel The Breadwinner is trapped inside her family’s one-room home. That is, until the Taliban hauls away her father and Parvana realizes that it’s up to her to become the “breadwinner” and disguise herself as a boy to support her mother, two sisters, and baby brother.

Set in the early years of the Taliban regime, this topical novel for middle readers explores the harsh realities of life for girls and women in modern-day Afghanistan.

“The Breadwinner” – A Novel Study, At-A-Glance:

  • Cost: $20 (one-time Payment)
  • 12 Self-Paced Lessons
  • Grade Levels: Upper Elementary – Middle School
  • 2-4 Weeks to complete
  • Payment Methods Accepted: online via PayPal

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About Me (Sarah Seyfred)

I am a homeschooling mom of 5 children ranging from ages 13-2. We are secular homeschoolers with a relaxed, eclectic approach to home-learning. Having tried several approaches to language arts throughout the years, I decided to adapt and adopt elements of different curricula that we love to create a flexible, engaging, and comprehensive novel study that can be used independently by students of various ages.

Having five children, working with my 13-year-old was becoming increasingly challenging. I’d try to keep up and read books along side him (sometimes waking at 5am to get my reading in!) so we could dig into the literary elements together and have those big-juicy conversations. But, its pretty tricky to keep up with the demands of that while working with two other school-age children (who are very close in age and many years younger than my big guy) and wrangling two toddlers!

So I set out to create something that would give him the independence that he and I both need while bringing in all the elements we love from our favorite language arts resources. After having taken several courses on the Canvas platform, my son fell in love with the organized flow and clearly laid out lessons that he worked through independently in the courses he took.  I fell in love with the ability to be more hands-off!

And thus the first Village Homeschool Novel Study was born! I combined elements from Fishtank Learning and Bravewriter into one easy-to-navigate and completely independent novel study and set it up on Canvas.