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I decided to go Barefoot. Over Thanksgiving I was riding in the car to my folks house and paging through the fall/ winter Barefoot Books catalog. I was finding so many books I wanted to buy for my kiddos (we’ve been a fan of Barefoot since Grayson was just a baby) and then when I got to the end, the last page had a blurb about becoming an Ambassador. Oohhh. That sounds nice! $300 in books for $140- no strings attached and I could sell these books and earn free books and maybe some cash! By the time I reached my parent’s house I had joined.

When I find things that I love I tend to jump in with both feet. 6th grade it was bead bracelets. I cleaned out the Treasure Island and bought beads in every color and shape. 9th grade it was CD’S. Early 20’s it was scrapbooking. There were some candle making, origami, Phish ticket, and Ikea phases mixed in.  Now, it’s Barefoot Books.

Why Barefoot? Well, because the books have purpose. They are absolutely beautiful, each and every one is truly lovely. The illustrations are amazing. The themes are important. They teach kids about other cultures,  lifestyles, and traditions. They expose children to geography and history in exciting and thought provoking ways. And the stories have morals, they teach about kindness, compassion, and what it means to do the right thing.  Here’s my current collection after a mere 2 months in business. I’m totally addicted and so are the children.


I’ve been hesitant to blog about my business here because I still find it odd to sell things to people, especially friends and family who follow me for endearing stories and pictures of the kiddos. But I didn’t go into this because I was looking to sell something. I went into it because I am passionate about the themes and art in each Barefoot Book and wanted to expose my children to as many of them as possible. I did this for and with them, and I’ve already reached my goals. To share the books with others and make some money along the way is just a bonus.

So that’s my latest endeavor! Thanks to all the friends and family that have already supported me going Barefoot!

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To browse Barefoot and shop with me click Here.

If you need a recommendation for books for the children in your life please reach out! And if you’re interested in earning free books by hosting a party or even becoming an ambassador yourself, I’d love to help.

Oh, and all proceeds from my book sales go to these little people!

Happy new year! SJ

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