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Sometimes I find myself jealous of the social media posts of other moms of young kids. The fancy themed baskets and fresh treats to celebrate the seasons, the child-free workouts or lunches with friends. But until you have made Rice Krispie monsters with 4 kids “helping”, you really haven’t lived.

I wonder sometimes what I would do with my time if my kids were in school and not sharing my same square foot for 15 hours a day then sharing my bed all night.

I wonder if I would be caught up on laundry and I wonder if my shower would be clean.

I wonder if I could set up better crafts for them, make the house more festive, fold their clothes neatly, or vacuum their room!

I wonder if I would be more patient, if given the time to reset and reflect for a few moments each day in my own space.

I wonder if I would write in my blog more often.

But mostly I wonder if they will remember.

I hope they will.

I hope they remember that I gave it my all.

I hope they remember that these messy days were spent in the company of those who love them most.

I hope they remember seeing me fail and apologizing.

I hope they learn from my mistakes.

I hope they enjoy the Rice Krispie monsters just a little more because they helped make them.

Rice Krispy Monster Cookies


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