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Yesterday this little-big-thing really seemed all big. We attended her gymnastics jamboree where she showed her skills with the 5-7 year old class she has been attending. She turns 5 next week but has been keeping up with these big kids all season. We all turned out for the event (Marnie and Jeff Jeff, uncle Jake, Daddy and her brother and sister.) It really takes a village to do things like this- Jeff took Jack out where he could roam free and Marnie kept Ellie from jumping off the bleachers. We all beamed with pride as she pulled herself over on the bars without assistance and despite a recent falling off the monkey bar hip injury, tried her very best and pushed through her cartwheels and all.

At the end of the performance one of the coaches handed me a letter inviting her to join the Junior Exhibition Performance Team next year. A few weeks ago I was also handed an invition for her to participate in the pre-company dance group in the fall. I have never pushed her to attend or stick with any of these activities. Her dedication and drive are internally motivated. But, I am beyond proud!

After the jamboree we all headed to Menchies where Jeff Jeff treated us to frozen yogurt. Izzy drew “feeling faces” under a rainbow.  Ellie was grumpy and tired and several times Izzy offered her medal to her to try to make her happy. Of all the events of the day that’s probably what I am most proud of- her empathy and compassion. I am really in awe of the young lady she is becoming. What a gift to witness that unfold.

When we got home the other kids were sleeping and Izzy and I played bingo and had lunch on the deck. She said it was special time just her and me for mother’s day. I watched as she dipped pieces of chicken in ranch dressing and added a chip for crunch. Her little fingers carefully staying clean of the ranch. She is enchanting. While we played and talked I told her how proud of her I was for how hard she worked at her gymnastics and explained what it meant to be invited to this “advanced” team. I asked her how she felt about it. She told me that she wasn’t surprised, because she always listens and is patient and follows directions. That she tries her best every time even if she’s tired or her hip hurts, and if other kids goof around she reminds herself to listen to the coaches and keep doing her work. Ok, so humility might not be her strength but I can’t argue with any of those points!

It was a great day seeing her reach her potential and I am excited for this new adventure for her.

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