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Last night I slept in the girls room, the bed is so comfy in there and I can hear both of them breathe. It’s lovely. Except for the smell of poo. No, it’s not coming from the diaper pail, that’s a parenting accessory we never had. I thought it was the litter box- Jon got a new kind of litter so possibly it wasn’t cutting it. I sat up in bed, spread some lavender eucalyptus lotion on my face and went back to sleep.

This morning while I was folding 7 loads of laundry – no, I’m not exaggerating, Izzy called me into the playroom that adjoins their room alerting me to the huge pile of dog poo. Poor Nala must have found herself trapped in there a day or so ago and instead of barking for rescue just cuddled up in the reading corner and took a dump. So I cleaned it up. While holding Ellie in one arm so she wouldn’t finger paint in the poo, I retrieved the carpet cleaner from the cabinet above the dryer and went to work. 

Then I moved on with my day- we took a long walk, ate some lunch, took a nap, and did carpool, quick play date, gymnastics and home!

We were so excited when our new toy was at the door! A fancy dog bowl aka the most awesome toddler toy since tupperware.  

  This bowl provides a constant flow of water through 1-5 interchangeable spouts. Freaking genius. Each kid gets a spout, no fighting, no water wasted, no kids in the sink- and it comes with a filter- so if they drink it it’s fresh! Woo-hoo!

We are on our way upstairs with it to get our play on. As I approach the landing I’m struck with how amazingly fresh and bleachy clean it smells! I’m thinking “I can’t remember cleaning but maybe Jon did some wash or something and added bleach?!” whatever happened the smell is oh-so-sweet. Until I realized what happened. In my haste when I grabbed the carpet cleaner I must have knocked over an ENTIRE jug of bleach, causing it to bust open, spilling all over my carpet   


At the bottom of this post there will be a link to my go fund me page where you can pledge money for my new carpet. Or even better- some hardwoods?!

Jon suggests we just have the kids focus their muddy shoe dances on this area and it will turn dirty and brown again soon. 

We laughed, and maybe I cried for just a second, the kids played, and life goes on. Now Izzy is pouring me pretend wine with her new toy. Lovely 


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