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Mother nature is begging us to join her as the first signs of spring are showing themselves. The tulip bulbs are exploding through the earth, the sun is warming our skin, and the birds are flocking to our feeders.

Yesterday we got outside and exploring with our Kid’s Garden Cards. These sturdy, colorful, double-sided cards contain 40 different activities in 5 color-coded categories!

We selected a scavenger hunt card and the children worked together to discover animal prints, leaves that had been chewed by insects, and worms!

We recorded our observations by sketching what we saw and gluing the items to paper. We then made a habitat for the worms out of a strawberry carton!


These cards are great for all ages, and for me, anything that can engage all of my kids at once is a huge win.


Hope you’re enjoying the outdoors as much as we are! To purchase your set of Kid’s Garden Cards click here. Some of our other favorite garden-themes books these days are:

What’s this, a Seed’s Story– a tale about a little girl who plants and tends to a sunflower seed- includes notes about roots, shoots, flowers, and seeds!

Driving my Tractor– a sing-along that combines simple counting instruction with humor, repetition and rhythm to encourage learning fun!

Who’s in the Garden- A large-format board book with peek-a-boo holes on every other page, The story ask “Who’s coming to see how my garden grows?” The energetic, rhyming text introduces all sorts of creatures that are busy in the garden. My 20 month old LOVES this one.

Millie’s Chickens– My older daughter loves this one. Follow Millie through a day of tending her chickens. The endnotes are packed with information on the life stages and types of chickens as well as how to care for chickens and use the eggs!


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