LittleBIG things

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My life, all lives really I guess, are made up of lots of little things. Small moments. At different points these little things and fleeting moments feel like the big things. And then they’re gone. Memories. 

Right now I’m watching my girls (ages 13 months and 26 months)… Little Ellie is grabbing for her sisters hair bow, while Izzy yells “No! Don’t Ellie! Don’t take my bow!” as she reaches out to protect her prized possession.

 This has now become a big thing- to both of them, and in turn to me, as I navigate how to help them with this moment. This is just one of hundreds of moments that I work through in a day of stay-at-home parenting, where I decide how to model behavior for them, remain calm with them, laugh with them, guide them, and in this case help insure that no little strands of hair are lost in the process. These fleeting  moments are the ones I want to remember. 

Looking back wasn’t high school just one or 2 big moments? It was for me. I remember tripping up the stairs while my crush looked on, and walking to school, and what the library smelled like… But I can’t even remember my teacher’s names, or my schedule, or what grades I got in what classes. So many moments have blurred together into an experience. 

So I have decided to start this blog for my kids, and myself . Not because I’m a good writer, or photographer, or mother… OK, maybe I’m a decent mother- but rather I’m doing it because I don’t want to loose the memories of these little moments of our early years together. I don’t want them washed away and blended into one memory of sticky floors and exhausting days, of laundry piles and carpool lines. I want to remember these LittleBIG things. 

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4 thoughts on “LittleBIG things”

  1. I love the blog! Also your concept of, “little big things.” An anecdote I associate with. Sarah you are, mindful, smart, compassionate, and appreciative. These traits all translate in your writing. Keep em coming!
    Maybe you can write for our cousin, Leigh Ripley.


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