I can win people over…

I joined Jonathan and Isabella at East Roswell Park today to watch Grayson’s soccer game-turned-practice (when the other team didn’t show). Izzy was bored with what Jonathan and I were discussing (e.g., drainage issues at 1065 and the 7429 deck project), and she was determined to persuade dad to let her play Candy Crush on his iPhone.

It took a while, but she persisted. And succeeded.

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Yesterday this little-big-thing really seemed all big. We attended her gymnastics jamboree where she showed her skills with the 5-7 year old class she has been attending. She turns 5 next week but has been keeping up with these big kids all season. We all turned out for the event (Marnie and Jeff Jeff, uncle Jake, Daddy and her brother and sister.) It really takes a village to do things like this- Jeff took Jack out where he could roam free and Marnie kept Ellie from jumping off the bleachers. We all beamed with pride as she pulled herself over on the bars without assistance and despite a recent falling off the monkey bar hip injury, tried her very best and pushed through her cartwheels and all.

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